The best way for students to learn the most common spelling patterns for long vowel sounds is through sorting activities. Long-E and Short-E (Mixed) This unit contains worksheets that help students differentiate between words that have a short-E and long-E vowel … Teaching students that vowels have two sounds is typically introduced early in […]

This is a useful activity for Pre-Kindergarten through second grade students for teaching vowels and sounds through song. I’ve included a few resources for teaching the spelling patterns for long vowel …
Sort the words. This page has a variety of printable worksheets and activities featuring words that have a short-E vowel sound. It is important for children to understand common vowel patterns (also known as diphthongs). Ending Y Sort. Long E Words.
Not only do several of the short vowel sounds sound similar (for example, the short /a/ and short /e/ sounds), but vowels have two sounds– a short sound and a long sound. So I’m in the process of creating some new packs for each of the long vowel sounds. Worksheet.

Long e Word Work ea, ee, ei, ey, and y sounds like eThis set of long e vowel team word work Activities is packed full of fun and will engage your students all week long.

If you have Slinkys or rubber bands, students can stretch or contract them as they call out the vowel sound (i.e. Worksheet Ending Y Sort.

First, let’s talk about introducing the vowel teams to students. Most activities align with Common Core Standard CCSS.RF.1.2a and CCSS.RF.2.3a. I have a number of students I’m working with on the long vowel sounds and I wanted some more activities and games to be able to use with them. Long vowel sounds occur when the letter “says its name”. Match up. Learn words with AI, A - E and AY. When you are teaching long vowels sounds to your young reader, focus on just one of these rules at a time. See more ideas about Phonics, Long vowels, Vowel. Each file has both short and long vowel sounds. Rolling a 6 means roll again. When it comes to teaching long vowel teams in the primary classroom, incorporating many different engaging activities is a must! So far I have completed Long E /ee/ and Long O /oe/. There are four main ways that long vowels are formed: with a silent e, at the end of a syllable, using vowel teams, and I or O before a consonant. This set of long vowel worksheets will help kids practice recognizing words that contain each of the long vowel sounds a, e, i, o and u. Short i / Short e / Long e – comparison of these three similar sounds, which are … There are enough extra practice pages included in this set you can use them for homework, early finishers or as morning work. If you're looking for worksheets on short-e only, please jump to our short-e page. Each file has both short and long vowel sounds. Long Vowel E. This bright worksheet introduces your second grader to the long vowel sound "e." It's sure to entertain as it educates! See more ideas about Phonics, Cvce words and Phonics lessons. Forming Long Vowel Sounds. 13 Awesome Ways To Teach Long Vowel Sounds 1.

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