The New Jersey Hemp Program is actively processing complete hemp license applications. Hemp means all non-seed parts and varieties of the Cannabis plant, whether growing or not, that contain an average tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.OAR 603-048-0010 Creates the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Program including a 10-year research program. Processing, Sales, and Distribution Use the following as a guide to finding the appropriate Regulatory Agency and/or CDA Program to contact for information on hemp-related regulations and requirements that are outside the scope of cultivation (growing) of Industrial Hemp, and as such, are outside the scope of … - Rule 901:14-2-02 establishes a licensure requirement for hemp processing. • A hemp research license holder must comply with, and is solely responsible for compliance with, all state and federal laws, rules, and guidelines pertaining to the production and handling of hemp in addition to the laws, rules, and guidelines of any other jurisdiction where such hemp research license holder may produce or handle hemp.
§ 2-15-401 et seq.

No, processors are not required to be licensed or registered with TDA for processing hemp.
Authorizes the State Plant Board to adopt rules to administer the research program and license growers. Please contact the department for special instructions on the fingerprinting process through Identogo/Idemia at . It is legal to grow and process hemp in … Allows for commercial hemp production, processing, manufacturing; Arkansas: Ark. The various licenses are listed in by the Illinois Department of Agriculture bureau that issued the license.

The Hemp Program was created at the signing of Senate Bill 57 which decriminalized hemp in Ohio and paved the way for the development of a new industry in our state. The rule outlines the requirements for licensure as well as the license term and renewal process. Yes, any person who grows hemp in Tennessee, regardless of the quantity, is required to have a hemp grower license. The Oregon Department of Agriculture's Hemp Program provides another opportunity for Oregon agriculture to grow. How to Obtain a License Application forms to be submitted to begin the process of being licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Beginning of May, the state of Georgia introduced legislation which will pave the way for legal growing and processing of hemp in the state. The USDA recently approved the State of Ohio's hemp program. First-time applicants need to submit fingerprints and pass a criminal background check. Stat. Click here to read the New Jersey Hemp Farming Act Summary and Rules. The purpose of the Hemp Research Pilot Program, established under section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill and Delaware Senate Bill 266, is to explore an alternative to the traditional row crops grown in Delaware. The application period for 2021 will begin around September 1, 2020. House Bill 213, now officially called the Georgia Hemp Farming Act, introduces two license types that will be available to the public in the near future. If you are a current license holder and need to add or change locations, submit a Change Request Form.If you need to request an inspection/THC test, submit a Planting/Harvest Report. Ann. Do I need license to process hemp? Farm Products Industrial Hemp FAQs. We are no longer accepting applications at this time. ... Unprocessed industrial hemp seed purchased for resale or processing will fall under the commodity hander license, while the rest of the industrial hemp plant would fall under the farm products license. The law requires that dealers and brokers of hemp license and bond with the CDA.

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