You can use a similar technique to create a macro variable that contains values that are in a SAS/IML vector. This tutorial demonstrates how to create or modify a variable. Some programmers think that the FIRST.variable and LAST.variable indicator variables require that the data be sorted, but that is not true. Define the group and across variables. The temporary variables are created whenever you use a BY statement in a DATA step. I need to create a frequency in variable, not a proc freq output but an actual variable within the dataset.

So my final table will be: How can I do it in proc data or proc sql? data work.frequencycounts; set work.dataset; count+1; by id; if then count=1; run; However, the variable I want is not a running count, it is the final count. Read values into a "macro list" from a SAS/IML vector. There are other variables I would like to retain in the dataset but aren't needed to identify the group. For example, you have existing prices and you need to adjust inflation rate and create new price structure. In the below example, we consider the minimum and maximum values of the variable horsepower and take a range of 50. The new variable is based on other variables. I want to create the new group/type variable. In this example, the grouping variable is gender. What is the best way to group variables into a new variable (or replace existing one) in SAS Miner? Ask Question Asked 2 years, 1 month ago. Home » SAS » SAS : Creating or Modifying a Variable. The code below works on this small data set, but I wonder if it will work on large data sets because it is hard to check the results. I used the below code create a running count by ID. It is a common data requirement to create a new variable based on the existing variable. If a variable appears for the first time on the right side of an assignment operator, then SAS assumes that it is a numeric variable, that its value is missing, and assigns it a length of 8 bytes.

proc sql ; create table solution_1 as select distinct ID, count(ID) from table_1 group by ID order by ID ; quit; OR If you are using SAS- EG Query builders are very useful in small analyses . SAS creates new character variables and uses them in a program.

The data set must be sorted by this variable before running this data step.

To create a macro variable, use ideas from the articles about concatenating a vector of values into to a string and about using the SYMPUTX subroutine.

A simple histogram is created by specifying the name of the variable and the range to be considered to group the values. Example. Creating New Variables Using if-then; if-then-else; and if-then-else-then Statements An if-then statement can be used to create a new variable for a selected subset of the observations. For example, the variable "color" has 4 values: Red, Green, Black, and White. I tried to add I want to create a new variable "newcolor" which has values "No Color" for Black and White, and "Color" for Red and Green. In a DATA step, you can create a new variable and assign it a value by using it for the first time on the left side of an assignment statement.

This is why SAS does not reset the value of count to missing before processing the next observation in the data set. SAS determines the length of a variable from its first occurrence in the DATA step. The new variable gets the same type and length as the expression on the right side of the assignment statement.

Notice how SAS does not need to be told explicitly the names and types of the new variables; it is able to infer that test1 is a character variable (because of the quotation marks), and that test2 is a numeric variable (because of the unquoted numeric value).

The next statement tells SAS the grouping variable.

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