Fat burning cream – Vicks stimulates fat burning in the problematic areas- legs and abdomen. Fat Burning Cream. Then apply vicks vaporub on where those excess and annoying fat reside ; belly fat, thigh or hips fat, inner thigh fat… it helps to get rid of fat accumulation and make tissue firm. Melting belly fat. Vicks VapoRub is a popular common cold remedy with medicated vapors.

Make a mix of a little alcohol, vicks vaporub, bakind soda and camphor. Your feet are your daily support system and, because of all the work they do, they can get tired and swollen. First, did you know your body carries approximately 7-15 of toxic sludge in your digestive tract. Rub over the belly and cover with a plastic bag or clamping strip. Then wrapping her stomach with plastic wrap, and followed by … Can vapor rub help melt stomach fat? I have been doing this 2-3x per week! What appears as belly fat can actually be several things. Vicks for belly fat? No. Rub again until the pain subdues. Therefore, some people say that, after a tiring day that has left as a result swollen and painful feet, it may be favorable using Vicks on feet to massage them with a little of this ointment. DIY Body wrap to loose inches QUICK using Chest rub/ Vapor Rub. The first of our uses for Vicks VapoRub is for your feet.

21. Vaporub for belly fat? Vicks can do some much more than this.

The process simply involves spreading a generous amount of the VapoRub over your abdomen. These body wraps can also be used for detox, slimming, and removing cellulite depending on the ingredients used. After this pressure is transferred can vicks vapor rub melt belly fat reviews into the brain through nerve transfer, it will open some special valves, thus causing one or other physical activities.

Tennis Elbow; In order to get a pain relief from tennis elbow, apply Vicks on the affected area. I googled, I Youtubed, and I meditated, then came up with a conclusion which you may disagree with.

And there it was, a video of a woman rubbing her stomach with Vicks.

Therefore rub …


This question drove me insane and triggered my obnoxious curiosity. So I clicked. Treats Cracked Heals; Apply some Vicks on your feet and put on your socks. Really? Researching the efficacy of Vicks for belly fat I needed to find out whether this is fact or fiction. 1 doctor responded Both lips are burning,swollen looks like bit skin is off not sure if I have burned them I did accidental put vapo more Both lips are burning,swollen looks like bit skin is off not sure if I have burned them I did accidental put vapor rub … All you need is vapor rup and plastic wrap!!

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